30 November 2010

Blue Buds Tutorial

Blue Buds with Oil Slick Texture

I create the image Blue Buds using the Oil Slick texture. I had a pretty basic workflow. Once I was processed the floral photo to my liking in Adobe Camera Raw, I opened it up in Photoshop. I also opened my texture and then dragged it on top of the floral. Hint: If you hold the Shift key while dragging the texture layer it will perfectly center it.

I changed the Blend Mode in the layers panel to Overlay. Next I applied a Curves Adjustment Layer to darken the light value slightly. I then added a Layer Mask to the texture layer. Using the Paintbrush tool and the color black set at 50% Opacity, I brushed over the flowers buds to remove the texture from that area and just a bit from the leaves. I went over the flower buds again to darken the mask there, but left the leaves alone. Next I applied a Gaussian Blur to the mask with a setting of 40.

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