23 April 2015

Art Sale This Weekend

I have spent the past couple of weeks getting paintings varnished, framed and ready to go to the Beacon Original Art sale in Calgary. Sale day is just 2 sleeps away. I am excited to show off some of my newer work. This is just a small sample of the paintings I'll have available for sale.

Winter Red Poll - Oil - 8x10" - $400

This will be the first time I've presented any of my bird paintings for sale, outside of my website. I have not done a lot of the birds, and so I'm keeping them more to myself right now. I may not offer them up like this again this year!

Cows In Summer - Oil - 11x14" - $600

Cows In Summer was a study I had done based on a painting by Dutch Impressionist, Cornelius Vreedenburgh, who is one of several Dutch artists I admire and study.

Morning At My Pond - Oil - 11x14" - $600

Morning At My Pond is one of several paintings I've done of our pond. The pond is my sanctuary. We built the pond many years ago after consultation with a Ducks Unlimited representative. We have never regretted our decision once. The pond features three islands, so the views are different depending on where you look.

Last year we did some major landscaping to the banks, creating a level  path around the entire pond. We've just seeded the path so I have to stay off for awhile, which is driving my crazy! The leaves have started to pop and I'm dying to get out there and paint that fresh spring green!

If you are in the Calgary area, I hope you will stop by to see the work and say hello.