31 May 2017

Another morning painting at the pond with a Common Snipe peeping away, and various other birds singing. I got this tiny painting done before teatime! The dog didn't even notice I was gone.
A post by Roberta Murray on Instagram

I have been trying to get out daily to paint at the pond. I realized one of the hurdles for me going out to paint there more often was (and I kind of hate to admit it), hauling stuff back and forth. It's not like it's a long distance or anything, but usually it takes longer to gather my gear and haul it out than it does to actually paint.

What I am looking to do is install some kind of permanent easel set up out there, so all I have to do is grab a canvas, palette, brushes, etc. and go. Not having to haul and set up the easel would mean I could dash out there for a quick 30 minute painting, making me more inclined to go out regularly and in bad weather.

Now the only downfall to this plan, is that I am not at all handy. I am looking for ideas on how to build something that can withstand our Canadian weather. It would be easy to anchor it, but how do I build the panel holder so that it is adjustable? I have also discovered, after trying just a sketching easel without any kind of tray or table, that I am useless at trying to juggle palette, brushes and cloths. So a table of some kind that is big and sturdy enough to hold the palette and stuff is a necessity.

It is possible that we could buy metal table legs and bolt a piece of sturdy treated wood to them to create the table. But then how do I create the panel holder? If they weren't so expensive, I'd just buy the metal panel holders that attach to a tripod, but any I've looked at have been way over $100 US.

Does anyone have any ideas, or seen any permanent outdoor easel setups?