24 February 2014

Cross' Blackfoot Man Oil Painting

Cross' Blackfoot Man - Oil on panel - 11x14"

One of my ancestors was an artist of note in Canada. Frederick George Cross was my grandmothers uncle. He worked for the CPR, but spent much of his time painting. He was most noted for his watercolours but did work in oils as well. Finding information on him online is difficult, but a visit to Alberta's public art collections may turn up a piece or two.

Cross was a founding member of the Alberta Society of Artists (an organization I am a juried member of), and the Canadian Society Of Painters In Watercolour. His images were of prairie scenes similar to what I have pursued in my photography and painting. When I discovered an image of a rare oil painting he had done of a Blackfoot man, I knew I had to follow in his footsteps and paint the man myself.
Frederick George Cross - Blackfoot Man

I didn't want to directly copy him, but I did want to retain the character of the man so the painting could be recognized as being the same person.

I am on the lookout for any work by Cross, so if you hear of any coming up for auction, or at galleries, or elsewhere be sure to let me know. I would especially like to find other oil paintings he did.